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fuzzyelements, founded in 2016 and registered at Chios Island, Aegean Sea, Greece.

We are active in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, specializing in Integrated Internet Applications and Software Development.

Our expertise spans from IoT solutions, Machine Automations, Environmental modelling to ERP systems.

We primary operate with small to medium and medium size businesses domains.

> Help companies to unlock their trust to new digital century.

> Simplicity is the key to complexity.
Fuzzyelements as a name has its own mathemathical meaning.

The father of Fuzzy Logic, Lotfi Zadeh created this many-value logic where thuth is a member of function between 0 and 1.

A very simple example in contrast with Aristotely logic is the example of chair and table.
In cript, Aristoteles logic a table can not be a chair but a in Fuzzy Logic a table can be partial a chair.
In real life this means that Fuzzy Logic simulates the natural thing that human do, sit aside the table if not chair there and make the table partial a chair!!!

Adding, -elements part.
Nature is strict. We as human have identify 4 elements: Fire , Water, Ground , Air .

Fuzzyelement as a word captures the grey zone of element transactions. When water becames hapor and when air.

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